Jeff Mk-Ultra

is born in Paris on 1965 june and found one day an interest in a new movement they called Techno.

As an avid electronic music fan during his childhood, at 15, he starts mixing with his friend Zoom, then soon after becomes host a weekly radio show on R.S.R.M. 94.8Mhz FM, called
Made in Funk

In 1982,
in and around Paris including his first ever event in the ‘Georges V’ à Paris, called
Les Nuits Endiablées

Since that day, his thirst for music and organizing events has never ceased

After being schooled in such Parisian clubs as Le Boy, le Power Station, le Palace, le Kit Kat, le Memories et le Queen, he soon discovers the rave movement in 1988 and co-produces in 1991 the first and famous GAIA which will soon become a legendary series of events alongside gatherings such as Rave Age, Mozinor and the famous "Champignonière" in Meudon.

A new era of partying had just be born for a new generation. Jeff Mk-Ultra began putting on his own events sur as Neuronal in 19991, and collaborated with Eclipse Festival collective (France) to organise an unforgettable event called with guest artists Tsuyoshi Suzuki, Paul Jackson et Dino Psaras,
Made in London

In 1992,
Jeff Mk-Ultra was the first promoter to bring Raja Ram to Paris in a venue inside the Georges Pompidou Center, for the famous
Psychedelic Call event

In 1995,
his track Polarization earns him some success in Germany and is released soon after on
Transmaster Various Artists Vol 9 CD

It is by spinning 90’s Goa Trance that enabled Jeff Mk-Ultra to reach the forefront of the psychedelic scene in France from 1992 to 1996, giving him the opportunity to play at gatherings across the country every weekend, meeting and sharing music with different tribes and collectives.

In 1996,
Jeff MK-Ultra leaves with his friend Sam Dinis for Montreal in Canada in order to bring this sound to the people across the atlantic. He soon becomes in the 90’s the Quebec ambassador for all that is Goa and organises in 1998 the first ever memorable psychedelic gathering on the Canadian east coast called

In 1997,
he produces the track Orojuna with his friend Virtuart. It gets released on they own label AUM Records to some success amongst the traveller community of Goa, in India. With Instant Karma collective, he also plays for the total eclipse of the sun in the island of Guadeloupe with Total Eclipse (FR) and Francesco Farfa (IT).

In 1998,
Jeff Mk Ultra alongside DJ Nivoc compile and release Quebec’s first ever ‘Goa style’ compilation called : ’Experience’ which showcases his track
"Skuff 1" (Coyote Records, UK)

In 1999,
he got to bring X-Dream to a crowd of 8000 people for Arrival Festival and organises in 2001 the 5th edition of Natura Festival a weekend long 1200 people gathering in the forest of Quebec. He also collaborates and works with different tribes notably mixing a 12h Dj set for
Ray Junior’s Evolution Radar One event.

Since then,
Jeff Mk-Ultra has shared the stage with some of the most loved and respected Dj's and producers including: Goa Gill, Gms, Hallucinogen, Kokbox, Etnica, Astral Projection, Juno Reactor, Raja Ram, Dino, Joti Shidu, Space Tribe, Transwave, Talasmaca, Micky Noise and many more.
He has invited many Artists and producers to come and play shows in Quebec at such events as Psychotrop and got the local psychedelic scene to discover such artists as Talamasca, Joti Sidhu, Absolum, Dino Psaras, Wizzy Noise, X-Dream, Jaïa, Neuromotor and Nick Taylor

In 2005,
Jeff Mk-Ultra organises multiple full moon gatherings on the Zipolite beach in Mexico and becomes resident Dj at
Iguana Azul Café.

In 2008,
he decides to re-launch Natura Festival after 6 years of absences and produces a track with Mayan Tech during one of his trips to Mexico :
Survivals (Natura compilation Vol I - 20Hz Records CAN)

In 2010,
he launches his own label "20 Hertz Records" and Quebec’s first psychedelic compilation CD ”Natura Vol I" which includes such Canadian artists as Cosmic Orgasm and Clone.

In August 2016,
Jeff Mk-Ultra came back to the forefront of the Canadian scene and was invited to play with Djane Makinaw the closing 3 hours DJ set at Timeless Festival in Quebec